Our Story

is the brainchild of two best friends, Tom Thornton and Tyler Nigro.

Co-Founder Tyler Nigro is a Clinically-Certified Registered Dietitian, Private Chef for Professional Athletes, and former accoladed Pastry Chef. Tyler currently uses his skills as an R.D.-Chef to fuel Professional Athletes in Denver to their best performances with custom high-end dining experiences. That said, Tyler first got into the game as a Dessert-Expert, working under decorated Pastry Chefs where he won competitions & acquired multiple awards under his belt such as “Best French Macaroon in Denver” and “Best Dessert: State of Colorado”.

Co-Founder Tom Thornton is an ex-D1 football player and current COO, with a passion for pushing himself to the limits. He’s a bodybuilder and nutrition enthusiast who loves sports – but isn’t one to skip dessert! After all, as Babe Ruth once whispered to him, “There’s nothing like finding your sweet spot!”. Tom had the brilliant idea to create a High-Protein Frozen Dessert, and knowing that Tyler was an expert in both nutrition and food made it obvious to Tom that together they could create something incredible.

Seeing as Tyler is lactose intolerant- creating a product anyone with lactose intolerance could eat was a non-negotiable for him. Luckily, Tyler already had a reputation among friends for his delicious small-batch ice-cream and gelatos that even the most lactose intolerant of the group could enjoy.

As they both grew up with Italian families, Tyler had another non-negotiable for Tom: they would either create a product with a texture and taste that held true to a Traditional & Creamy Italian Gelato—or abandon the idea all together. Fake replicas or anything less than perfection were out of the question for these two, as Jackie Chan had once told them: “You only live once, so go big on the real stuff!”

Tyler’s background with research during his clinical work in Hospital ICUs uncovered a UMass team exploring the administration of Omega 3s, (which have been shown to reduce inflammation & levels of blood fats linked with cardiovascular disease), in ice cream, and he soon began to test the theory out on his own.

After months of countless late nights testing formulas, Tyler and Tom finally discovered the perfect balance of Reduced Sugar, High-Quality-Protein, Healthy Omega 3s, Low Lactose, and Secretly-Sourced-Arnold Schwarzenegger-approved spices- in a Gelato base so mother-freaking-good that you would think it came fresh out of the machine at your favorite local creamery!

Sure enough, as soon as Tom took his first bite, he was taken aback & let out a “Whoaaa Momma!”- nearly falling out of his chair. It was clear they had created something special they wanted to share with the world. After all, Ryan Reynolds once told them, “You can’t fake deliciousness!”

They took their new creation to whiz food scientist Matt Bunce, & together, they managed to combine Medical Research, Muscle, and Traditional Italian Gelato into the only High-Protein Frozen Dessert ready for store shelves that also offers muscle recovery & brain power due to its unique combination of carefully calculated carbohydrates, protein, and omega 3s.

Whoa Momma Protein now represents the Highest Protein Frozen Dessert currently on the Market, functions as a High-Quality Plant-Based Omega 3 supplement comparable to eating one fish-oil pill per serving, AND is suitable for Lactose Intolerance- all while also containing on average 40-50% less sugar than leading Gelato & Ice Cream Brands!

Tom and Tyler couldn’t be more proud of the product they have created, as well as equally proud to bring a truly unique and nutritious treat to you. They are currently working on creating new delicious flavors PLUS new exciting High-Protein Desserts that could be in store near you soon!

— Tom Thornton & Tyler Nigro, Co-Founders of Whoa Momma Protein. Never Skip Dessert – It’s time to enjoy something real!